Gyprock™ Flexible

Gyprock™ Flexible

Gyprock™ Flexible plasterboard has an enhanced core that bends up to a 250mm convex or a 450mm concave radius. This makes it  ideal for curved feature walls and ceilings, column cladding, etc.

The long edges are recessed for a smooth continuous surface, and the sheets are usually installed in two layers.


6.5mm 1200mm 3600mm

 * non-standard sizes are subject to availability, minimum order quantity and production time.

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CSR Gyprock has a lifetime guarantee from the purchase date. CSR Building Products guarantees its Gyprock™ products to be free of defects in materials and manufacture. If a CSR product does not meet our standard, we will, at our option, replace or repair it, supply an equivalent product, or pay for doing one of these.