About Us

Trade Plaster Supplies is the place to go for all your plastering needs, plastering advice, or even helping you find a qualified plasterer. We are the largest re-seller of Gyprock compounds in NSW. At Trade Plaster Supplies, we stock Gyprock compounds, nails, screws, plastering tools for the tradesman and the DIY handyman. Our expert and qualified staff can help you with tips on getting your job finished properly and easily. Come in, or phone our store with your enquiry or simply email us. Everything you need to know about getting the job done is here at Trade Plaster Supplies. We have Chinese and Russian speaking sales professionals in our customer service team to assist with enquiries. Trade Plaster Supplies has gained recognition and a great reputation for its service and helpful advice to its customers.

Trade Plaster Supplies can help you find a professional plasterer if needed and offer expert advice.
truck delivery
We provide personal delivery within the Sydney Metro and Blue Mountains Region.