Base Coats

Specially formulated for use with jointing tapes in the first and second coat in a three coat plasterboard jointing system, Gyprock Base Coats are renowned for their quality and joint strength.

Typical Applications

Gyprock Base Coat is typically used for the first and second coat in a three coat jointing system in residential and commercial walls and ceilings. These coats are used to bed in the jointing tape before applying a topping coat. Base Coat 20 is designed for hand application while the other variants can be applied with hand tools, mud boxes, automatic tapers and other machine tools.

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Base Coats are a setting type jointing compound that provides superior tape adhesion and joint strength. They are used for the first and second coat in a three coat jointing system, along with jointing tapes. Joints may be finished with any Gyprock topping or all-purpose compound and sanded smooth prior to decoration.

Base Coats are available in powder form and are mixed with water to a workable paste. Four different options are available in the Base Coat range, each with a defined setting time for varying applications:

  • Base Coat 20 – 20 min. working life for smaller projects and patching
  • Base Coat 45 – 45 min. working life for medium projects
  • Base Coat 60 – 60 min. working life for medium – large projects
  • Base Coat 90 – 90 min working life for larger projects

Have total control of your working time

Depending on the size of your job, you may need more time before your Base Coat sets. We provide Base Coat in four defined setting times for your convenience.

Product Options

Gyprock Base Coats have a shelf life of 1 year from date of manufacture. They are available in the following sizes:

Base Coat 20 10kg
Base Coat 45 10kg, 20kg
Base Coat 60 20kg
Base Coat 90 20kg
Coverage Approx 16kg/100m2

Stockholdings may vary. For product availability and to place an order, contact your nearest supplier.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Base Coat 20,45,60 Base Coat 90
Specific gravity (H20=1) 2.3-2.4 2.3-2.4
VOC content (as specified by GBCA) <10g/L as VOC content per material 15g/L as VOC content per material

Product Manufacture

Gyprock Base Coats are manufactured by CSR Gyprock in Australia to stringent product specifications.

Product Handling

Transportation and manual handling: Refer to the Gypsum Board Manufacturers of Australia (GBMA) website for recommended OH&S practices.

Storage: Store bags of compound in a dry environment, protected from the weather and out of direct sunlight. Tear bag open from top corner to dispense compound. Unused product which has been mixed with water should be discarded. Unused product in powder format should be stored in original bag: roll the top of the bag to loosely seal, and store in an airtight container.

Health and Safety

Safety Data Sheets are important documents in the construction industry and assist in the continuing focus on occupational health and safety on and off sites.

Installing to Standards

AS/NZS2589: Gypsum linings – Application and Finishing outlines the procedures for jointing and finishing of Gyprock plasterboard in conjunction with additional details contained in Gyprock Technical Literature.


Gyprock makes available resources that provide comprehensive selection, design, installation and maintenance guidance.

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