Bradford Roofing Blankets

CSR Bradford’s innovative products for your home’s roof enhance energy efficiency, improve noise control, and provide fire protection.

Bradford offers a range of products for residential roof insulation applications. These products incorporate solutions for enhancing energy efficiency, condensation requirements, noise control and fire protection.

  • Anticon Roof Insulation
  • Multitel BAL 12.5-40 Blanket
  • Enviroseal HTS Roof Sarking
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Anticon Roofing Blanket

Your new metal roof is about more than just how great it looks, it also protects you from the elements and it’s a critical part of your building structure. To get the very best out of your new metal roof, Bradford recommends you upgrade to include additional roof insulation to reduce the risk of Condensation, to increase your roof’s Acoustic and Thermal qualities, and Fire Resistance.

Mould and mildew development in a new home is often caused by trapped moisture and condensation within the structure. This can lead to health risks for your family and long term structural damage to your home. Bradford Anticon installed directly underneath your roof sheets can prevent condensation from forming.

Additionally, Bradford Anticon is approved by the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice® Program and that means it’s recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Bradford Multitel™ BAL 12.5-40

Bradford Multitel™ BAL 12.5-40 is used to seal off areas from potential ember ingress in bushfire prone areas.

Bradford Multitel is manufactured from an engineered glasswool insulation blanket. The blanket is manufactured by spinning molten glass, containing up to 80% recycled content, into fine wool like fibres. These are bonded together using a thermosetting resin. The product can be identified by its golden appearance.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight insulation
  • Can be easily handled
  • Meets BCA performance requirements
  • Easily forms the shape to be insulated
  • Helps meet the ernergy efficiency requirements of the BCA
  • Provides both energy and cost savings
  • Biosoluble material – safe to use
  • Approved for use on site by the Unions
  • Meets the requirements for BAL 12.5-40 in AS 3959 for metal roofs.


Multitel BAL 12.5-40 is a versatile flexible roll used to seal off areas of metal roofs from potential ember ingress. The blanket roll is typically installed at gutter line, hip, valley & ridge joints in Bushfire Attack levels rated BAL 12.5, BAL 19, BAL 29 & BAL 40.

Enviroseal HTS Roof Sarking

Enviroseal™ ProctorWrap roof sarking is an additional layer of protection installed under tiles to minimise weather-related water damage such as wind-driven rain entering the roof cavity. If rain enters the roof it can wet insulation, making it less effective, and cause ceiling staining in plasterboard.

Enviroseal™ HTS is a highly durable, high water hold-out vapour permeable roof underlay for use in residential or commercial tiled, slate and metal roof applications. It has been designed to meet the compulsory and stringent AS/NZS4200.1 requirement for classification as a medium duty membrane for use under tile and metal roofs.

  • Minimises the risk of condensation by allowing internal moisture to escape the home
  • Acts as a tough weather barrier that can help prevent rain damage in roofs
  • Speeds up construction by allowing tradies to access the site before tiles are installed
  • Suitable for BAL regions
Product Name Width (mm) Length (m) m2 Per Roll Weight
Enviroseal HTS 1500 30 45 8.2

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