Exposed T- Bar

The Studco exposed grid ceiling system is a prefinished white T-bar system, which is used to create grid modules that support lay in ceiling tiles. Exposed grid ceiling systems provide easy access to services within the ceiling. The Studco Exposed T-Bar System can be suspended below Concrete Slabs, Joists or Purlins.

While a concrete supported structure doesn’t offer any specific challenges, there are factors that require consideration when supporting an exposed grid ceiling below purlins. The most common layout configuration is a 1200mm x 600mm module. This utilises Intermediate 1200mm Cross Runners spaced at 600mm centres between the Main Runners which run perpendicular to supporting purlins. The long edge of the ceiling tile then runs the same direction as the purlins.

Our great range of Exposed T-bar ceiling systems include Main Tee, Cross Tee, Wall Angles, Wall Angles Aluminum, Suspended Hangers and Galvanised Wire.

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