Bustling household or commercial environment? Gyprock Impactchek is a high-strength 13mm thick plasterboard with a reinforced core that is an ideal wall lining for high impact areas.

Typical Applications

Impactchek is typically used in areas such as corridors, foyers, classrooms, retail walls, games rooms and garages where the risk of damage from soft body impact such as balls and bags and hard body impact such as trolleys and furniture is generally higher.

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Impactchek is proven to effectively reduce the damage caused by soft and hard body impact. The layer of glass fibre mesh, denser core and heavy duty lining paper provide a hardier, scuff resistant plasterboard lining for residential and commercial applications.

This plasterboard is also a fire and acoustic grade board, ideal for high impact areas where acoustic separation or a fire rated system is specified.

Need impact resistance in a thinner board?

Gyprock Superchek is the highest specification 10mm plasterboard in Gyprock’s residential range. Its high recycled content increases density and board strength to deliver exceptional impact resistance and noise control.

Tested Impact Performance

Gyprock impact resistant plasterboard products are manufactured with a heavier lining paper, and special additives to enhance the durability of their core. Typically, these products can withstand twice the discernible force of regular plasterboard products, making them ideal for high traffic areas.

Hard body impact – Hard body impact is assessed by dropping a 50mm steel ball onto the plasterboard surface from increasing heights.

Soft body impact – Soft body impact testing sees a weighted bag swung on a pendulum, striking the plasterboard surface.

Product Options

Gyprock Impactchek is available in the following sizes:

Thickness 13mm
Widths 1200mm
Lengths 3000mm
Edge Profiles Recessed Edge for regular jointing.

Product Manufacture

Gyprock Impactchek is manufactured by CSR Gyprock in Australia to stringent product specifications.

Product Handling

Storage: Protect plasterboard and cornice from weather and moisture. Avoid products sagging by storing horizontally, supported on a level platform or full-width support members spaced at max. 600mm centres.

Health and Safety

Safety Data Sheets are important documents in the construction industry and assist in the continuing focus on occupational health and safety on and off sites.

Manufacturing Tolerances

Nominal Thickness 13mm ± 0.5mm
Nominal Widths 1200 ± 3mm
Nominal Lengths 300mm increments
Squareness Cut ends ± 3mm in the width of the board

Physical Properties

Nominal Board Weight* 10.5kg/m2
Thermal Performance:
0.05 – 0.07 m2K/W
Fire Hazard: assessed to AS/NZS3837 cone calorimeter test Average Specific Extinction Area (ASEA)
Group Number 1
Report Reference WFRA 45759
Combustibility In accordance with BCA Clause C1.12, Gyprock Impactchek may be used wherever a non-combustible material is required by the Code.
Total Recycled Content 10.4%

*Subject to reasonable manufacturing variance.


Gyprock makes available resources that provide comprehensive selection, design, installation and maintenance guidance.

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