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  • Surround ‘Blueish’

    Surround ‘Blueish’

    Cemintel Surround™ Blueish is actually a grey with the addition of blue, making Blueish the colour to choose for a cool, serene effect In metallic, it is the colour that most looks like sophisticated, stainless steel The Cemintel Surround™...

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  • Surround ‘Blackish’

    Surround ‘Blackish’

    Cemintel Surround™ Blackish is deep and dark Blackish is the most monumental of all the colours It is stunning on its own, or in a combination of smooth and textured finishes The Cemintel Surround™ range responds to the preference for high...

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  • Surround ‘Secondary Palette’

    Surround ‘Secondary Palette’

    Cemintel Surround™ Secondary Palette is a palette of colours designed to complement the core range of Surround's neutral colours The Cemintel Surround range responds to the preference for high performance, lightweight materials and the desire...

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  • Barestone


    An Australian Original, Cemintel Barestone™ External prefinished panels provide a raw, contemporary finish for an external application Its biophilic impression enhances design aesthetics, as it weathers naturally and seamlessly blends into its...

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  • Scarborough


    A modern take on traditional weatherboard, Scarborough® Weatherboard is a stylish product with strong shadow lines that will enhance both traditional and contemporary residential designs Scarborough® Weatherboards have a ship lapped profile...

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  • Territory ‘Canyon’

    Territory ‘Canyon’

    Inspired by rivers carving their way through the landscape over geographic timescales, Cemintel Territory™ Canyon is perfect, individual and inspiring The Territory range is classified AS 5113 EW (External Walls) for fire compliance Find out...

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  • Territory ‘Quarry’

    Territory ‘Quarry’

    The excavations of a quarry supply the materials used for many building applications Cemintel Territory™ Quarry evokes the raw, unpretentious, malleable and functional properties of these materials The Territory range is classified AS 5113 EW...

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  • Territory ‘Riverbed’

    Territory ‘Riverbed’

    Cemintel Territory™ Riverbed reminds us of a dry, winding, mystical channel of sand, pebbles and silt washed smooth by the erosive powers of the ancient river and leaving behind a layer of sublime, neutral colours where the waters once...

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