Specialty Plasterboard

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  • Gyprock Plus™

    Gyprock Plus™

    Standard plasterboard doesn’t get better than this – ideal for use on walls and ceilings in residential environments, Gyprock Plus features Optimised Core technology, making it stronger and lighter with significantly improved board...

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    The ultimate lining for homes, Superchek is the highest specification plasterboard in Gyprock’s residential range Its high recycled content increases density and board strength to deliver exceptional impact resistance and noise control Typical...

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  • Gyprock™ Aquacheck®

    Gyprock™ Aquacheck®

    Gyprock Aquachek is a moisture resistant wall and ceiling plasterboard designed as the perfect lining for wet areas It is available in 10mm and 13mm thicknesses for residential and commercial applications Typical Applications In residential...

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  • Sensitive


    Make a healthy choice with Gyprock Sensitive This moisture resistant wall and ceiling plasterboard contains powerful antifungal properties to resist mould and mildew making it the ideal choice for wet areas and the homes of asthma and allergy...

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    Gyprock Soundchek provides sound control worth shouting about This high density gypsum plasterboard has improved sound transmission properties to help maintain the peace when used in residential and commercial walls and ceilings Typical...

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    Bustling household or commercial environment Gyprock Impactchek is a high-strength 13mm thick plasterboard with a reinforced core that is an ideal wall lining for high impact areas Typical Applications Impactchek is typically used in areas such as...

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    Gyprock Fyrchek MR combines a fire and acoustic grade board with additional moisture resistance to create the ideal lining for fire rated wall and ceiling systems in wet areas Typical Applications Fyrchek MR is predominantly specified for...

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    Gyprock Fyrchek has been developed to take the heat Fyrchek’s specially processed glass fibre-reinforced gypsum core makes it ideal for use in fire rated wall and ceiling systems and where improved acoustic performance is required Typical...

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  • Flexible


    Designed to impress, Gyprock Flexible 65mm plasterboard enables specifiers, designers and installers to easily create curved walls and ceilings and add visual interest to a space Typical Applications Gyprock Flexible is typically used to create...

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