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  • diy_rapid_repaid_kit

    Rapid Repair Kit

    Gyprock Rapid Repair Kit is a convenient pack of Gyprock products with everything you need to make plasterboard repairs easy Typical Applications Rapid Repair Kit is suitable for repairs to plasterboard walls and ceilings It includes all you need...

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  • diy_premixed_cornice_cement_6kg

    DIY Pre-mixed Cornice Cement

    Mixed and ready-to-go, Gyprock DIY Pre-mixed Cornice Cement is used for fixing Gyprock cornice at wall and ceiling junctions on plasterboard or fibre cement substrates Typical Applications Pre-mixed Cornice Cement is typically used to install...

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  • diy_wet_area_base_coat_3kg

    DIY Wet Area Base Coat

    Gyprock DIY Wet Area Base Coat is a moisture resistant compound used for the taping and second coat when jointing plasterboard and fibre cement sheets in areas subject to moisture or high humidity Typical Applications DIY Wet Area Base Coat is...

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  • diy_multipurpose_joint_compound_3kg

    DIY Multi-purpose Joint Compound

    Get your plastering project underway with Gyprock Multi-purpose Joint Compound - one compound for all stages of the jointing process - just add jointing tape Typical Applications Multi-purpose Joint Compound is typically used as the base coat,...

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  • diy_final_finish_topping_compound_3kg

    DIY Final Finish Topping Compound

    Gyprock Final Finish is a heavyweight topping compound used as a top coat in a three coat plasterboard jointing system Typical Applications Final Finish Topping Compound is used as the topping coat in a 3 coat plasterboard or fibre cement...

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  • diy_cornice_cement

    DIY Cornice Cement

    Gyprock DIY Cornice Cement is used for fixing Gyprock cornice at wall and ceiling junctions where the substrate is plasterboard or fibre cement It is also used for finishing cornice joints and mitres Typical Applications DIY Cornice Cement is...

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  • diy_acrylic_stud_adhesive

    DIY Acrylic Stud Adhesive

    Gyprock DIY Acrylic Stud Adhesive is a pre-mixed adhesive used for fixing Gyprock plasterboard and fibre cement wallboard to timber or steel frames Typical Applications Acrylic Stud Adhesive is suitable for both residential and commercial...

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  • repair_panel

    Repair Panels

    Cut from Gyprock Plus 10mm plasterboard panels, Repair Panels are strong and light making them easy to handle and extremely durable Gyprock Repair Panels are conveniently sized pieces of plasterboard used for repairing holes and other damage in...

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  • diy_rapid_patch

    DIY Rapid Patch

    Gyprock Rapid Patch is a fast setting dry powder-based compound used for repairing holes, nicks and cracks in plasterboard, fibre cement, timber and masonry Typical Applications Rapid Patch is suitable for repairs to walls and ceilings in both...

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