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  • fire_mastic

    Fire Mastic

    Gyprock Fire Mastic is a permanently flexible, water based acrylic sealant for fire resistant caulking of penetrations and joints in plasterboard and masonry surfaces Typical Applications Gyprock Fire Mastic is designed to create a fire...

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  • csr_fireseal

    CSR FireSeal™

    CSR FireSeal is a superior light grey adhesive sealant with high acoustic and fire rated properties, suitable for use in commercial and residential building construction Typical Applications CSR FireSeal is suitable for non fire-rated control...

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  • Sensitive


    Make a healthy choice with Gyprock Sensitive This moisture resistant wall and ceiling plasterboard contains powerful antifungal properties to resist mould and mildew making it the ideal choice for wet areas and the homes of asthma and allergy...

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  • Duo


    Gyprock Duo features a strong, two-step design with modern lines for a short, sharp statement to deliver a simple, yet striking presence for modern homes Typical Applications Duo’s strong geometry make it the perfect choice for modern living...

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  • Presto


    Simple and subtle, Gyprock Presto delivers a clean modern finish similar to square setting Simple to cut and fast to install this functional profile features a 90mm flat face that creates a 15mm step along the ceiling Typical...

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  • Trio


    Gyprock Trio features a dramatic three-step profile design with strong modern lines This 75mm cornice delivers a striking presence for modern homes Typical Applications Trio’s strong geometry makes it the perfect choice for modern living...

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  • Gyprock™ Topping Compounds

    Gyprock™ Topping Compounds

     Vinyl-based cements for the finishing coat or filling over base coats Fine, creamy compounds give a smooth and consistent finish Can be applied by hand or machine EASY-FINISH Semi-lightweight formulation Low shrinkage...

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  • Tempo


    Gyprock Tempo balances clean surfaces and subtle lines to make this 90mm cornice a popular choice for contemporary interiors that require a crisp designer edge in every element of the room Typical Applications Tempo’s is the perfect choice to...

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  • Symphony


    Gyprock Symphony cornice combines smooth curves, and a strong central shadow lines and sharp upper step to make this classic 75mm cornice an ideal way to introduce a more formal style into a home Typical Applications Symphony’s subtle curves...

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    Gyprock Soundchek provides sound control worth shouting about This high density gypsum plasterboard has improved sound transmission properties to help maintain the peace when used in residential and commercial walls and ceilings Typical...

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    Bustling household or commercial environment Gyprock Impactchek is a high-strength 13mm thick plasterboard with a reinforced core that is an ideal wall lining for high impact areas Typical Applications Impactchek is typically used in areas such as...

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    Gyprock Fyrchek MR combines a fire and acoustic grade board with additional moisture resistance to create the ideal lining for fire rated wall and ceiling systems in wet areas Typical Applications Fyrchek MR is predominantly specified for...

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