Gyprock™ is Australia’s leading manufacturer of gypsum based products such as plasterboard, plaster, cornices and associated finishing materials and accessories.

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  • cove

    Cornice Cove

    Cove cornice has long been the standard cornice choice for Australian home builders Its functional profile does not detract from common décor styles and it is available in three profile sizes (55, 75 and 90mm) Typical Applications The simple...

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  • Gyprock® DIY Less Mess™

    Gyprock® DIY Less Mess™

    Our Gyprock range of DIY products have been completely reformulated to make them easier to use for better results and most importantly, over 80%less airborne dust is generated when sanding, compared to the standard Gyprock DIY jointing compound...

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  • Gyprock® DIY Less Mess™

    Gyprock® Less Mess


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  • Gyprock Plus™

    Gyprock Plus™

    Standard plasterboard doesn’t get better than this – ideal for use on walls and ceilings in residential environments, Gyprock Plus features Optimised Core technology, making it stronger and lighter with significantly improved board...

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  • standard 13mm

    Standard 13mm

    This board sets the Standard for commercial applications Gyprock Standard 13mm works as a general internal wall and ceiling lining in a huge range of commercial applications Typical Applications Gyprock Standard 13mm is typically used as a wall...

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    The ultimate lining for homes, Superchek is the highest specification plasterboard in Gyprock’s residential range Its high recycled content increases density and board strength to deliver exceptional impact resistance and noise control Typical...

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  • Gyprock™ Aquacheck®

    Gyprock™ Aquacheck®

    Gyprock Aquachek is a moisture resistant wall and ceiling plasterboard designed as the perfect lining for wet areas It is available in 10mm and 13mm thicknesses for residential and commercial applications Typical Applications In residential...

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  • Gyprock Party Wall Systems

    Gyprock Party Wall Systems

    Gyprock Party Wall Systems are designed to provide a separating wall between dwellings that are side-by-side such as town houses The systems feature discontinuous construction and offer acoustic performance to a standard of Rw+Ctr 50 The systems...

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  • cornice_cement

    Cornice Cement

    Gyprock Cornice Cement is used for fixing Gyprock cornice at wall and ceiling junctions where the substrate is plasterboard or fibre cement It is also used for finishing cornice joints and mitres Typical Applications Cornice Cement is typically...

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  • back_blocking_cement_20kg

    Back-Blocking Cement

    Gyprock Back-Blocking Cement is a specially formulated plaster based cement used for reinforcing plasterboard joints where there is no framing support Typical Applications Gyprock Back-Blocking Cement is used to adhere back-blocks to strengthen...

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  • Masonry Adhesive

    CSR Gyprock Masonry Adhesive 20kg (1 Bag)

    Gyprock Masonry Adhesive is a specially formulated adhesive for adhering plasterboard to masonry and concrete surfaces, and plaster cornices and castings to plasterboard Typical Applications Gyprock Masonry Adhesive is ideal for adhering...

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  • Shaft Liner

    Shaft Liner

    Gyprock Shaft Liner has been developed to offer enhanced safety to building occupants These heavy duty boards provide high levels of fire and acoustic resistance for lift wells, shafts and stairwells Typical Applications Shaft Liner is...

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