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  • Gyprock™ Aria

    Gyprock™ Aria

    Featuring a slimline profile with a subtle centre deflection design, Gyprock Aria echoes contemporary architecture at its best This 75mm cornice delivers a simple, yet striking presence for contemporary style homes Typical Applications Alto’s...

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  • Concerto


    One of the most versatile designs in the range, Gyprock Concerto cornice combines smooth curves, distinctive lines and sharp centre step to make this 90mm cornice an ideal way to introduce a more formal style into a home Typical...

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  • base_coats

    Base Coats

    Specially formulated for use with jointing tapes in the first and second coat in a three coat plasterboard jointing system, Gyprock Base Coats are renowned for their quality and joint strength Typical Applications Gyprock Base Coat is typically...

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  • Gyprock™ All-Purpose Compounds

    Gyprock™ All-Purpose Compounds

    EASY-FLOW Lightweight formula Can be used with machine or hand tools Sandable Ready-mixed for immediate use Package: 15kg bucket TOTAL COAT-LITE Lightweight fast-drying compound Sandable Ready-mixed or dry Packages:...

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  • acrylic_stud_adhesive

    CSR Gyprock Acrylic Stud Adhesive

    Gyprock Acrylic Stud Adhesive is used for adhering plasterboard and fibre cement wallboard to timber and steel frames Typical Applications Gyprock Acrylic Stud Adhesive is widely used in residential and commercial wall and ceiling applications It...

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  • Gyprock™ Alto

    Gyprock™ Alto

    A simple, yet striking presence for contemporary style homes, Gyprock Alto cornice presents a deep 90mm profile with smooth surfaces complemented by a crisp shadow line at the ceiling Typical Applications Alto’s linear geometry and smooth...

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    Gyprock Fyrchek has been developed to take the heat Fyrchek’s specially processed glass fibre-reinforced gypsum core makes it ideal for use in fire rated wall and ceiling systems and where improved acoustic performance is required Typical...

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  • Flexible


    Designed to impress, Gyprock Flexible 65mm plasterboard enables specifiers, designers and installers to easily create curved walls and ceilings and add visual interest to a space Typical Applications Gyprock Flexible is typically used to create...

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  • Supaceil™


    Head and shoulders above the rest, Gyprock Supaceil sets the standard for plasterboard in ceilings This lightweight 10mm thick plasterboard features Optimised Core technology to provide significantly improved strength, handling and board...

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